The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Sector

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Sector – Advanced technology continues to permeate every aspect of the modern world, and the energy industry is no exception. Artificial intelligence (AI) has all the capabilities that can radically change or even revolutionize the energy industry. It is predicted that it will cease to be a useful technological marvel in the near future and will become the most influential decision maker in the energy industry.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Sector

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Sector

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make the Energy Industry Safer and More Efficient
Today, due to the large amount of data that energy companies have to manage, there are serious problems in many issues such as the cost of energy, production and distribution. Chief among these problems is the inconsistency in carbon footprint and energy efficiency. In an integrated collaboration with artificial intelligence, internet of things and machine learning technologies, it can store, process and manage this data with less time and cost. Moreover, it is not limited to these, but it can create new insights that can completely change the way the industry works. Let’s take a quick look at what artificial intelligence can do for the energy sector.

1-Predictive Analysis

Unfortunately, today, the world is facing dramatic energy problems. Continuity of modern industries and global population growth have an ever-increasing energy demand. In order to overcome these problems, it is thought that the analytical and predictive ability of artificial intelligence will be a savior for humanity. Energy companies have problems that require complex data systems to reduce costs, conserve power, be prepared for changing conditions and provide better customer service. These problems can only be addressed through highly accurate forecasting and analysis, and today the only technology with this potential is artificial intelligence.

With the help of artificial intelligence machine learning, it can solve all these problems by maximizing the use of predictive data in the energy industry. Energy companies need to predict demand changes, system overloads and potential failures as precisely as possible. The cost of error for any deviation from these estimates is quite high for the energy sector.

The predictions that artificial intelligence will reach as a result of the data it processes seem to leave these problems behind.

2-Resource Management

The next step in the predictions that AI achieves is resource management. Through the analysis of these forecasts, energy companies will be able to better allocate their resources, prepare for energy demands in advance, anticipate problems and save resources. For end consumers, it will be possible to achieve results in the form of power savings, lower bills and customized services with artificial intelligence.

3-Storage of Energy

Efficient storage of energy is a very difficult and complex issue. As the amount of power to be stored increases, additional capacity and new management systems are needed. Artificial intelligence can optimize the industry’s energy storage. In addition, the storage of clean and renewable energies (for example, wind energy) is quite problematic. Combining renewable energy with AI-powered storage can streamline storage management and minimize power losses.

4-Prevention Services

Energy is a powerful resource that can be very dangerous if misused. For example, the deadly wildfires in California were caused by faulty transmission lines. If AI-enabled systems were used at that time, system overloads could be predicted and operators could have known about potential transformer failures in advance.

Artificial Intelligence Projects and Applications in the Energy Sector
Today, the energy industry uses artificial intelligence to reduce consumption, improve grid availability, find oil and gas, and increase energy efficiency. When it comes to renewable energy sources that will help us survive the climate crisis, artificial intelligence improves weather forecasts and offers better control and maintenance planning.

Let’s take a look at some of the projects implemented in the energy sector today;

1-Google DeepMind

If we are going to talk about artificial intelligence, we need to talk about Google, the company that provided us with the first Big Data project in the world. In 2010, Deepmind started using the concepts of mathematics, machine learning, computer science, neuroscience, engineering and simulation in an integrated way. This project first applied all of these concepts together in a computer game. This project was the first to beat one of the professional players of the Game of Go, the program called Alpha Go.

One of the biggest successes of the DeepMind project was in energy efficiency in 2016. DeepMind AI improved energy efficiency using historical data from the data center. As a result, bills were reduced by 40% and CO2 emissions were reduced.

2-SunShot Initiative

The SunShot Initiative is a project initiated by the US energy department in 2012. Its purpose is to predict the renewable energy sector using big data and machine learning.

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