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Tank Load Cells Have Arrived!

Tank Load Cells Have Arrived!
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Highest Accuracy And Longest Lasting Battery

Tank Load Cells Have Arrived! – Alarming, there are numerous online stores now selling tank load cells, purporting to deliver quality performance at a lower cost. Many tank load cell producers claim that their product is able to provide up to three times the continuous current of standard 12V batteries and can deliver up to twenty times more battery life! How do they do this? They make the exact same cell as the OEM, but package it in a special and smaller package, to enable it to fit into the space required by today’s devices. The result is a smaller cell, with twice the power.

Tank Load Cells Have Arrived!

A tank load cell actually consists of two main components. A thin metal plate is placed inside a box, which has a thick acrylic cover. This cover protects the load module from external contamination, while allowing light to pass through to the device, which in turn charges its internal battery. The second part of the unit is the actual cell, which sits atop the light-proof acrylic case. It looks just like any other normal 12V battery, but its real function is to maintain constant voltage, regardless of the load.

To give a better idea of how these tank load cells work, I often perform some simple and accurate Tensile testing on them. By isolating the load cell circuit to a specific load source and/or current control circuit, I am able to test for the accuracy of the manufacturer’s stated Ohm output, as well as to check for any possible damaging effect caused by current fluctuations. My goal is to ensure that my customers receive the highest quality load cells on the market, with the highest accuracy and longest lasting battery warranty possible.

Tank Load Cells Have Arrived!

Tank Load Cells – A Complete Weigh Solution

Many people are not aware of the fact that there is a difference between the unit of measure for gas and the unit of measure for oil. The weight capacity of a tank load gas cell is determined by both the tank capacity and the level of storage capacity of the tank holding. The higher the storage capacity, the higher the storage level. Tanks range in size, from small, like residential propane tanks, to very large industrial tanks which hold many tons of fuel. Storage tanks are commonly used in applications where gas is needed to be held in a fixed, secure location for a long period of time, as well as for transporting fuel to industrial sites.

Highly Preferred

In the past, before tank load cells, there were large scales used to determine the weights of items that needed to be transported and stored. These scales had a variety of different settings, from extremely heavy to incredibly light, and often depended upon the material being measured. The traditional way to determine weights was through weighing the item against another type of scale, often a deck of cards or some type of movable object. This method often proved to be unreliable and inaccurate, as items that were too heavy to weigh on one level could easily be over sized to weigh less than what they actually were. Tank load cells eliminate this problem.

There are two main types of tank load cells, with one being completely automatic, and the other being a fully semi-automated installation that use a trigger system for activating the hopper and can also be used manually if desired. Fully automatic units are the most effective and have the additional benefit of providing a constant and reliable source of automatic weighing. Semi-automatic units can be used for temporary, quick, set-up weigh bridges, and are highly preferred for lightweight loads. The complete weigh solution is an ideal solution when weighing objects over short distances, as it ensures the correct weighing, regardless of the exact weight of the item to be weighed.

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