Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – It has been nearly 10 years since the first fully electrically powered and mass production vehicles were started to be produced. In the past 10 years, the charging locations of electric vehicles are perhaps the biggest problem in the domestic market. However, the recent increase in electric vehicle charging points and stations are giving signals that a better future awaits us over time.

The nature-friendly production of electric vehicles has caused them to be highly sought after by many people. Attracting attention due to its silent engines, fuel economy and carbon monoxide emission rates, and the increasing number of hybrids in the first place and then fully electric increases the interest in electric vehicles today.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Even though some environmental and researchers’ claims that the batteries of electric vehicles somehow release more carbon monoxide and cause more harm to the environment than diesel vehicles, even when they are not operating, this claim has not been proven yet. Owning an electric vehicle in Istanbul is still difficult.

Electric vehicle charging stations in Istanbul remain a mystery among those who are curious. Some sources share the electric charging stations in our country and in Istanbul one by one. The only thing these sources confirm is that the real fuel stations are far away, let alone close to the desired level.

If you have an electric car or a motor, do not forget to charge your vehicle while in your home and garage. Because Turkey does not yet have an ideal number of charging stations for charging electric vehicles. Even in Istanbul, the points where you can charge your car consist of the city’s known shopping centers, well-known automotive brands and plazas. This shows that gas stations are quite reluctant in this regard. Do not forget that you can charge your vehicle or engine in shopping malls and plazas for this reason alone, while you can only evaluate this possibility in your own home and garage.


Electric Charging Available in Some Parking Lots

We shared one of the curiosities and unanswered questions about electric vehicle charging stations.
When viewed from this angle;

Shopping centers with the most charging stations
Major luxury plazas in second place
Various automotive companies in the next step
In the last step, some parking lots
We can create four main headings. When the subject is Istanbul, when there is an electric charging station in such a big metropolis, the only remaining point is the neighborhoods where people with the financial means to own these vehicles live, the parking lots in these luxury districts and a few gas stations. There are electric charging stations in several municipal and private parking lots in Istanbul.


Those who use electric motorcycles are luckier

Automakers are putting their vehicles on the market, but these vehicles are more expensive than fossil fuel-based vehicles and you cannot find a station to charge these vehicles at every point. However, the situation is not the same for motorcycles. An electric motorcycle user is more advantageous than an electric car user in this situation.


Because it is very difficult to find charging points for cars, it is a great advantage for motorcycles to be charged with the help of a classical socket by converting the standard voltage thanks to special apparatus and accumulators. When we think of motorcycles that can be charged in a cafe, in a corner shop, or even at home, in some cases, motorcycles are one step ahead of the density of batteries that keep vehicles moving.

There is a point that has been discussed for electric vehicles and has not been finalized yet. All vehicles using fossil fuels, regardless of whether they are diesel or gasoline, emit a certain amount of carbon into the atmosphere. It is obvious that these vehicles, which are known and confirmed to damage the ozone layer, do not have a chance in the near future compared to electric vehicles.


However, there are speculative reports that 95% of the vehicles still on the market run on fossil fuels and that electric vehicles with zero emission values are not innocent at all, whether it is the size of the oil industry or not. For this reason, it is not clear what kind of news we will hear in the future about electric vehicles that are on the road with the zero emission password.

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